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What is the My Clean Beach program ?

The My Clean Beach program was initiated by the Comité ZIP du Sud-de-l’Estuaire, which still coordinates the saltwater section of the program. The Comité ZIP Ville-Marie joined the program later and has adapted the initial toolkit, developed for the saltwater zone of the St. Lawrence River, to freshwater ecosystems. Some new tools have also been added. It is the Comité ZIP Ville-Marie that coordinates the freshwater section of the program.

The goals of the My Clean Beach program are to encourage citizens to organize cleanups and to get them involved in early detection of riparian issues.


          We aim to:
        dot Increase the sense of responsibility of communities toward their shoreline habitats;
        dot Educate and raise community awareness regarding shoreline habitats, their importance and problems that affect them
    Encourage environmental monitoring of shoreline habitats by communities; and
        dot Demonstrate to communities the advantages of protecting shoreline habitats.

This project is realized, in part, with the help of a contribution from the Community Interaction Program. Financing for this joint program with the St. Lawrence Plan—For a Sustainable Development is shared between Environment Canada and Quebec's ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et des Parcs. Fisheries and Oceans Canada also provided technical and financial support to the project.

The St. Lawrence Plan—For a Sustainable Development is managed by a Canada-Quebec cooperative agreement, whose objectives are to favour an integrated management of the St. Lawrence, to respect the environment within economic activities, to obtain the commitment of various community groups, and to achieve a clear, integrated and concerted governance of the St. Lawrence


liensWhat is the Comité ZIP Ville-Marie ?

ZIP Ville-Marie is part of a network of 14 ZIPs (“zones d’intervention prioritaire” or “areas of prime concern”) scattered along the St. Lawrence River and under the auspices of Stratégies Saint-Laurent (www.strategiessl.qc.ca).

The Comité ZIP Ville-Marie was founded in 1996 as a non-profit organization. Its mandate is to favour the integrated management and sustainable development of the St. Lawrence River and of the resources on its territory, which covers Montréal’s South Shore from Longueuil to Kahnawake and the west half of the Island of Montréal.

To learn more, visit : www.zipvillemarie.org

Coordinator of the freshwater section of the program :

Comité ZIP Ville-Marie
1751, rue Richardson, Montréal
H3K 1G6

Partners :

Comité ZIP du Haut Saint-Laurent
28 rue Saint-Paul, bureau 206
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield (Québec)
J6S 4A8
Phone : (450) 371-2492Fax : (450) 371-7599
Email : ziphsl@rocler.com
Website : www.rocler.qc.ca/ziphsl

Comité ZIP Jacques-Cartier
14115, rue Prince-Arthur Est, bureau 427
Montréal (Québec)
H1A 1A8
Phone : (514) 527-9262
Fax : (514) 527-0836
Email : zip_jc@mainbourg.org

Comité ZIP Des Seigneuries
1095, rue Notre-Dame
C.P. 353
Saint-Sulpice (Québec)
J5W 4L9
Phone : (450) 713-0887
Fax : (450) 713-0887
Email : seigneuries@zipseigneuries.com
Website : www.zipseigneuries.com


Comité ZIP du Lac Saint-Pierre
121, Petite Rivières, local 16
Louiseville (Québec) J5V 2H3
Phone : (819) 228-1384
Fax : (819) 228-1385
Email : info@comiteziplsp.org
Website : www.comiteziplsp.org

Comité ZIP des Deux Rives
6487, boulevard des Chenaux
Trois-Rivières (Québec) G8Y 5A9
Phone : (819) 375-8699
Fax : (819) 375-8855
Email : administration@zip2r.org
Website : www.zip2r.org

Comité ZIP du Québec et Chaudière-Appalaches
Édifice La Fabrique
295, boulevard Charest Est, bureau 099 (r.d.c.)
Québec (Québec)
G1K 3G8
Phone : (418) 522-8080
Fax : (418) 522-4664
Email : zipquebec@zipquebec.com
Website : www.zipquebec.com