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Thanks to the financial support of the Community Interaction Program, of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and of the Shell Foundation, the Comité ZIP du Sud-de-l’Estuaire is pleased to present the ‘My Clean Beach’ awareness campaign. The goal of this project is to inform the public about the distinctive features of Eastern Quebec beaches, and to prompt local river communities to become aware of the health status of their beaches. Throughout Eastern Quebec, various groups are organizing beach-cleaning activities. These provide an opportunity for people to socialize and to think about the health of the St. Lawrence River and its beaches.

Even though nearly 80% of Quebec’s population lives on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, not many are familiar with its natural resources. You can now get answers to your questions from an information kit on the main coastal ecosystems in Eastern Quebec (bulrush marsh, marsh with salt-water cord-grass, barachois, and lagoon). The kit briefly describes the importance of these wetlands for the different species that inhabit them. It also offers tools for organizing a well-planned beach-cleaning event that respects the natural environment. Also, participants are given directions for diagnosing the health of their beach using a specially designed sheet. This gives participants and organizers the opportunity to discuss the health status of the beach at the end of the cleanup activity.

This awareness campaign is made possible in Quebec thanks to the expertise and partnership of numerous organisations throughout Canada and Europe. Surfrider Foundation Europe is one of these partners. Their remarkable work was the inspiration for this website and the awareness tools. We invite you to watch this video, which we think captures the essence of ‘My Clean Beach.’